The Project

The goal of SHARE-it is to develop a scalable, adaptive system of add-ons to sensor and assistive technology so that they can be modularly integrated into an intelligent home environment to enhance the individual's autonomy.

Development of Assistive Devices

The system will be designed to inform and assist the user and his/her caregivers through monitoring and mobility help. Thus, we plan to contribute to the development of the next generation of assistive devices for older persons or people with disabilities so that they can be self-dependent as long as possible.

We focus on add-ons to be compatible with existing technologies and to achieve an easier integration into existing systems. We also aim at adaptive systems as transparent, and consequently, easy to use to the person as possible. Scalability is meant to include or remove devices from the system in a simple, intuitive way.


The SHARE-it work will be carried out by a consortium involving both leading organisations in the research are of designing agent, autonomous systems, cognitive systems, robotics, and a number of specialist end-user partners/representatives from key domains of e-Health to provide direct experience of realistic applications domains.

The overall project work is intended to bring together existing work from a number of areas and make a concerted effort to develop a sound paradigm for future development of mission-critical systems for senior individuals, especially if they suffer disabilities, involving automated components: creating important reference points in the field, aiming to catalyse debate and opening future research directions.

Activities at Universität Bremen

At Universität Bremen, the work in SHARE-it concentrates on the development of an adaptive biosensor-based cognitive assistance module and a cognitive performance model as a basis for interaction models tailored to individual users' requirements.